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GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet

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Product characteristics

GGD is applied to power consumers of power plants,substations, industrial and mining enterprises and is used for electric energy conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and power distribution equipment in power distribution system with AC 50Hzf rated operating voltage of 380V and rated operating current of 3,150A. ExecuUve Standard: GB7251.1,IEC61439

Model and size

Modelrated votage(V)Rated current(A)Rated short circuit drop-out current(KA)Rated short-time withstand current(is)(KA)Rated peak withstand current(KA)
GGD1380A 1000151530
380B 600(630)151530
380C 400151530
GGD2380A 1500(1600)303063
380B 1000303063
GGD3380A 31505050105
380B 25005050105
380C 2005050105