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Product characteristics

Model and size

W H D(mm)Model
540X360X180IP44 T5436-04
540X360X180IP44 T5436-03
540X360X180IP67 T5436-02
540X360X180IP67 T5436-01
520X300X160IP44 T5230-04
520X300X160IP44 T5230-03
520X300X160IP67 T5230-02
520X300X160IP67 T5230-01
460X270X160IP44 T4627-04
460X270X160IP44 T4627-03
460X270X160IP67 T4627-02
460X270X160IP67 T4627-01
400X300X160IP44 T4030-04
400X300X160IP44 T4030-03
400X300X160IP67 T4030-02
400X300X160IP67 T4030-01
340X220X150IP44 T3422-04
340X220X150IP44 T3422-03
340X220X150IP44 T3422-02
340X220X150IP44 T3422-01
280X190X130IP44 T2819-04
280X190X130IP44 T2819-03
280X190X130IP44 T2819-02
280X190X130IP44 T2819-01