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TJ series industrial socket plastic box

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Product characteristics

High strength PC refractory and UV add material, appearance is beautiful and easy, has the very high plasticity and robustness. Applicable to

the outlet box, terminal box,Distribution board, instrument BOX, BOX and control BOX convenient for power equipment. Dismountable and

design unique hinge, up and down or so can be opened.

Model and size

Screw typeScrew typeDimension(mm)Mounting plateThickness of boxDeepth of boxHinge modelPlate size
Grey doorClear doorW H D(mm)MetalCoverBodyCoverBodyM1M2
TJ-AG-2730TJ- -2730270X300X145TJ-27305mm5mm40mm105mmHG-05245275
TJ-AG-3040TJ- -3040300X400X160TJ-30405mm5mm55mm105mmHG-06273373
TJ-AG-2746TJ- -2746270X460X160TJ-27465mm6.5mm55mm105mmHG-06243433
TJ-AG-3052TJ- -3052300X520X160TJ-30525mm6.5mm55mm105mmHG-06273493
TJ-AG-3654TJ- -3654360X540X180TJ-36545mm6.5mm55mm105mmHG-07326506