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TZR 022 series dual thermostats

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Product characteristics

Thermostat(contat breaker,normally closed)for regulating heaters.Thermostat(contat maker,normally open)for regulating filter fans and heat exchangers or switching signal devices when temperature limit has been exceeded. Heaters and cooling equipment can be switched indepently from each arther with a temperature offset as opposed to the usual change-over contacts.

Model and size

Art.NoSetting range

Setting rangeDimensionsWeight
TZR022000Contact breaker,normally closed0to+60℃Contact maker.normally open0to+60℃67X50X46mm90g
TZR022001Contact breaker,normally closed+32to+140°FContact maker.normally open+32to+140°F67X50X46mm90g
TZR022900Contact breaker,normally closed-10 to +500℃Contact maker.normally open-10 to +500℃67X50X46mm90g
TZR022901Contact breaker,normally closed+14 to +1220°FContact maker.normally open+14 to +1220°F67X50X46mm90g
TZR022100Contact maker.normally open0to+60℃Contact maker.normally open0to+60℃67X50X46mm90g
TZR022101Contact maker,normally open+32to+140°FContact maker.normally open+32to+140°F67X50X46mm90g

*For regulating heat exchangers and fans(e g LE019) and as an alarm contact for monitoring the interior temperature of electronic enclosures