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TRF 012 series electronic hygrotherm

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Product characteristics

The electronic hygrotherm senses the relative humidity in an enclosure with electric/electronic components and turns on a heater at the set point,helping prevent the formation of condensation in the enclosure.The LED integrated in the adj ustment knob is lit when the connected heater is in operation.

Model and size

Art.NoOperating voltageSetting rangeApprovalDimensionsWeight
TRF012450230VAC,50/60Hz40 to+90%RHVDE+UL intended64.5X42X38mm70.0g
TRF012460230VAC,50/60Hz65% RH pre-setVDE+UL intended64.5X42X38mm70.0g
TRF012460120VAC,50/60Hz40to+90%RHUL intended64.5X42X38mm70.0g
TRF012469120VAC,50/60Hz65% RH pre-setUL intended64.5X42X38mm70.0g