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AR9 floor stand cabinet-double door

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Product characteristics

Standard Configuration

Supply Include

Front door with Reinforcing frame,hinges and MS821 lock system,9 folded profiles

4pcs/set,rear panel,mounting plate & 4 mounting plate supports,4 lifting eyebolts,top

cover,removable cable gland plate

Plinth to be offered separately(See Page 22)

Paint finish epoxy polyester powder coating textured finish

Color:RAL 7032 RAL 7035 Profile:9-fold profile

Mater ial: cold rolling steel Thickness:front door:2.0mm,rear panel:1.5mm

Protection degree:IP55 Mounting plate: zinc coated 2.5mm

Impact resistance: IK10

Model and size

W × H × D
AR9 1810/4D1000X1800X400
AR9 1810/5D1000X1800X500
AR9 1810/6D1000X1800X600
AR9 1812/4D1200X1800X400
AR9 1812/5D1200X1800X500
AR9 1812/6D1200X1800X600
AR9 2010/4D1000X2000X400
AR9 2010/5D1000X2000X500
AR9 2010/6D1000X2000X600
AR9 2010/8D1000X2000X800
AR9 2012/4D1200X2000X400
AR9 2012/5D1200X2000X500
AR9 2012/6D1200X2000X600
AR9 2012/8D1200X2000X800
AR9 2210/6D1000X2200X600
AR9 2210/8D1000X2200X600
AR9 2212/6D1200X2200X600
AR9 2212/8D1200X2200X800