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TSL 028 series small compact semiconductor fan heater

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Product characteristics

Fan hcatcr prcvcnts formation ofcondcnsation and forst and providcs an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures with electric/electronic compoments.The heater is connected using the internal ter-minal connectors.The small size ofthe TSL 028 makes it ideal for use in cnclosurcs whcre space is at a prcmium.

Model and size

Clip fixingScrew fixingHeating capacityOperating voltageMax.currentDimensionsWeight
TSL028110TSL028110250W230V 50/60Hz9.0A90X85X111mm0.50kg
TSL028100TSL028101400W230V 50/60Hz15.0A90X85X111mm0.50kg
TSL028119TSL028119250W120V 50/60Hz6.0A90X85X111mm0.50kg
TSL028109TSL028109400W120V 50/60Hz9.0A90X85X111mm0.50kg