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公司现拥有一批资深的科研人员和经验丰富的技术团队,核心管理部门均具有丰富的行业经验,而且十几年以来一直在不断地开发、改革、创新,致力为我们的新老客户打造更优质的产品。公司还拥有:德国先进的激光切割设备,数控机床,多功能冲压成型设备和密封设备等,同时公司成立至今已通过了ISO002质量管理体系认证、UL认证、NEMA-4X、IP66认证、ROHS认证及国家板表生产许可证,9计量标准以考核证,德国TUV认证 CE、CB认证等;产品质量稳步提高。 浙江天齐创立以来一直以"以人为本、规范管理、质量第一、信誉至上"为立足之本.
公司着力为员工建立良好的工作、生活环境,良好的晋升机制和晋升空间,让员工以厂为家,以厂为荣。通过长期的工作、实践、培训形成一支协调一致,团结合作的高素质员工队伍,十几年以来员工 皆与公司同进退,一同创造辉煌未来,为世界打造一流品牌 TIBOX。
Integrating development, production,engineering, sales as one, Zhejiang Tianqi Electric Co., Ltd. (TIBOX) is a sino-foreign joint venture, whose products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions throughout the world. Main business: complete set of electrical applicance, metal cabinets, wall mount enclosures, floor stand cabinets, network cabinets, bus junction boxes, plastic enclosures, waterproof and dustproof plastic junction box, plastic sealed boxes etc.
The company was established as the date of August 29, 2006, is located in the "Hometown of Bamboo" China's first eco---- Anji County. The factory area of 65366 square meters, registered capital of 78.99 million yuan, existing staff of about 300 people. Under the production department, technology department, QC, the Finance Ministry, domestic sales, international sales, customer service centers and other functional departments.
With a group of senior researchers, experienced technical team and administrative department, the company has been engaged in development, reformation and innovation for more than a decade, aiming at creating better products for all of our clients. TIBOX now owns: advanced Germany laser cutting equipment, CNC machines, multi-function stamping molding equipment, sealing devices, etc. Ever since it was born, the company sticks to a notion “people oriented, standard management, quality first, reputation priority” and has passed IS0002 quality management system certification, UL approval, NEMA-4X, IP66 approval, ROHS approval, National production lisence of plate table, 9 measurement standard certificate for the inspection, Germany TUV approval, CE,CB approval and so on. Meanwhile, the product quality is gradually improved.
TIBOX strives to create good working and living environment, promotion mechanism and space for the staff to make them feel like at home and be proud of it. Long-term work, practice and training form a group of harmonious, united and highly qualified staff, who are always behind TIBOX, longing to create a splendid future together and make TIBOX a world first-class brand.