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STD,STDD Double door wall mount enclosure

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Model and size

STD(standard lock K2)

ModelWHDNo.of lockGland open
STD8 6208006002002E
STD8 6258006002502E
STD8 6308006003002E
STD8 6408006004002E
STD10 62010006002002E
STD10 62510006002502E
STD10 63010006003002E
STD10 64010006004002E
STD12 62012006002002E
STD12 62512006002502E
STD12 63012006003002E
STD12 64012006004002F
STD8 8208008002002F
STD8 8258008002502F
STD8 8308008003002F
STD8 8408008004002F
STD10 82010008002002F
STD10 82510008002502F
STD10 83010008003002F
STD10 84010008004002F
STD12 82012008002002F
STD12 82512008002502F
STD12 83012008003002F
STD12 84012008004002F
STD10 1020100010002002F
STD10 1025100010002502F
STD10 1030100010003002F
STD10 1040100010004002F
STD12 1020120010002002F
STD12 1025120010002502F
STD12 1030120010003002F
STD12 1040120010004002F
STD10 1220100012002002F
STD10 1225100012002502F
STD10 1230100012003002F
STD10 1240100012004002F

STDD(Rod Centre lock) with lock MS821

ModelWHDNo.of lockGland open
STD8 6208006002001E
STD8 6258006002501E
STD8 6308006003001E
STD8 6408006004001E
STD10 62010006002001E
STD10 62510006002501E
STD10 63010006003001E
STD10 64010006004001E
STD12 62012006002001E
STD12 62512006002501E
STD12 63012006003001E
STD12 64012006004001F
STD8 8208008002001F
STD8 8258008002501F
STD8 8308008003001F
STD8 8408008004001F
STD10 82010008002001F
STD10 82510008002501F
STD10 83010008003001F
STD10 84010008004001F
STD12 82012008002001F
STD12 82512008002501F
STD12 83012008003001F
STD12 84012008004001F
STD10 1020100010002001F
STD10 1025100010002501F
STD10 1030100010003001F
STD10 1040100010004001F
STD12 1020120010002001F
STD12 1025120010002501F
STD12 1030120010003001F
STD12 1040120010004001F
STD10 1220100012002001F
STD10 1225100012002501F
STD10 1230100012003001F
STD10 1240100012004001F