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AS, AE MCB box surface type or flush type

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Model and size

Surface typeDOOR(mm)ROWNO.of breakers
AS1 164403001151×16P
AS2 164404501152×16P
AS3 164406001153×16P
AS4 164407501154×16P
AS5 164409001155×16P
AS6 1644010501156×16P
AS4 245857501154×24P
AS5 245859001155×24P
AE1 164653251151×16P
AE2 164654751152×16P
AE3 164656251153×16P
AE4 164657751154×16P
AE5 164659251155×16P
AE6 1646510751156×16P
AE4 246107751154×24P
AE5 246109251155×24P