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TZR 022 series dual thermostats

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Model and size

Art.NoSetting range

Setting rangeDimensionsWeight
TZR022000Contact breaker,normally closed0to+60℃Contact maker.normally open0to+60℃67X50X46mm90g
TZR022001Contact breaker,normally closed+32to+140°FContact maker.normally open+32to+140°F67X50X46mm90g
TZR022900Contact breaker,normally closed-10 to +500℃Contact maker.normally open-10 to +500℃67X50X46mm90g
TZR022901Contact breaker,normally closed+14 to +1220°FContact maker.normally open+14 to +1220°F67X50X46mm90g
TZR022100Contact maker.normally open0to+60℃Contact maker.normally open0to+60℃67X50X46mm90g
TZR022101Contact maker,normally open+32to+140°FContact maker.normally open+32to+140°F67X50X46mm90g

*For regulating heat exchangers and fans(e g LE019) and as an alarm contact for monitoring the interior temperature of electronic enclosures